UWIC Access Control


Salto’s Security Solution

The technology behind a new multi-application security solution for the University of Wales Insitute, Cardiff (UWIC) is built on SALTO’s XS4 proximity system and integrates access control with ID card and cashless payment functionality into a single campus wide system.

UWIC has a policy of installing appropriate security throughout its campuses that not only supports the securing of areas, but also the provision of greater access to its facilities in a controlled and managed way. To achieve this the University required a full upgrade of its networked and offline magstripe access control system to a modern, state-of-the-art product that would provide networked access control and cashless functions via a single card. Employing the EU ‘Competitive Dialogue’ procurement procedure, they carried out a comprehensive tendering and evaluation process to source the best available supplier/solution mix to not only deliver the improved secure environment they wanted, but one which could also seamlessly integrate with their existing Magna Carta Facility Pro Smart Campus system.

SALTO Systems was selected as the most technically advanced product manufacturer/supplier, comprehensively meeting the University’s technical specifications. Local SALTO Inspired Business Partner Lock-Tech were appointed to carry out the installation, simplifying overheads and arrangements for both end users and system administrators.

Phil Harvey, Lock-Tech’s Managing Director, explains the challenges involved: “In the early stages of negotiation, it became very clear that UWIC knew what they wanted out of an integrated access control system and that we, as a SALTO business partner, had the product to meet their needs. “The principle objective was to replace three existing systems in use across all sites – the magstripe access system, primary system and third party system interface – with a single user card solution to standardize administration processes and make them suitable for use in a multi-user application environment. “To achieve the access control element, we installed 450+ SALTO Mifare proximity units including XS4 handle sets, and off-line and on-line proximity wall readers. These allow students and staff to use their cards – which also serve as their University ID credentials – to not only gain access to controlled doors, car park barriers and external metal gates, but also to make purchases in the catering outlets, vending machines and print studios. “The combination of the SALTO product together with competent installation engineers and clarity of direction from such a proffesional client ensured we had nothing to worry about. The installation was straighforward and this ensured we delivered the project on time and fully met UWIC’s expectations.”

Ramesh Gurdev, SALTO Systems UK Sales Manager, concludes: “In its original iteration, access control was conceived as a way to help minimise the problem of lost keys but now it has grown into much more. Today customers want a seamless access solution that can fully integrate with a myriad of systems as well as save them money and increase security. SALTO can do all of this and more. “Such has been the success of the installation, they now have the ability to remotely manage up to 64,000 users and up to 64,000 doors in a single system if required, securely controlling who has access to what, where and when at all times.”

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